The Chatham Legacy of Lab Created Emeralds

The Chatham Legacy by Thomas H. Chatham

The Chatham Legacy is the complete, behind the scenes story of the American family who pioneered the modern day created gemstone industry. From the first dream of a young Carroll Chatham to create diamonds in a lab, the Chatham family had to wage an uphill battle on both a scientific level and industry perception level. This book is a rare look at the journey of the Chatham family to go from a basement testing lab to the now world-famous Chatham Created Gems.

The ISG wishes to recognize the enormous support we have received over the years from Tom Chatham and Chatham Created Gems to produce our ISG Created and Treated Gemstones Course. The donations of knowledge, expertise, and study specimens made our program possible. I guarantee you that reading this book and understanding the history of Chatham will help you understand and prepare for the future of the industry. It is a must read for every gemologist on every level.

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#17 of the first 100 gem quality lab created Chatham Created Diamonds in the ISG Student Reference Collection.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology