International School of Gemology Receives “Best Online Gemology School” from the industry…

The ISG is the only distance education gemology school to offer appraisal training and requires a two-year recertification of their diplomas. It is also the only gemology school that produces certified courses for the US insurance industry license divisions. The ISG was founded for the specific purpose of providing gemology and jewelry appraisal education at a tuition cost that would be more affordable to more people. Their program is directed toward the jewelry appraisal profession since they are also certified education providers by the Unites States insurance industry.

“Is it possible to learn gemology online? Yes, it is; two of the top gemology schools in the world are now offering distance learning options. Perfect for those who work and can’t attend class full time or are simply too far away from the campus. This online gemology school was founded in order to afford a greater number of people the opportunity to obtain a degree in gemology. Their gemology courses have an emphasis on the insurance industry. Their Classroom at Home DVD instruction brings the classroom environment into the living room, providing flexibility for the working student.

Their tuition is far lower than that of the GIA, and some students have also professed the education to be superior.”

“The International School of Gemology, located in San Antonio, Texas and accredited with the Better Business Bureau, offers phenomenal training for prospective gemologists. If people would like to find out about the superb programs offered at the International School of Gemology, they can call them at 210-695-5520, or they can write to their mailing address at PO Box 1727, San Antonio, Texas, 78023. They can also learn all about the school and its programs by visiting their website at”

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International School of Gemology BBB Business Review