ISG Professional Graduate Support Programs

With graduates worldwide, the International School of Gemology takes great pride in our professional graduate support programs. We believe that simply turning out graduates is not the end of our responsibility to our students or the industry. Providing our graduates with after-graduation support is paramount to the purpose of our programs. For this reason, we provide our graduates with a full spectrum of support programs to help ensure their success. Please take a few minutes below and review our professional graduate support programs to help you become a successful jewelry appraiser and gemologist with many profitable revenue streams.

support6Global Claims Associates Registry

All ISG Registered Gemologist Appraisers and Registered Gemologists are listed in the Global Claims Associates Registry provided to the insurance and legal industries. The Global Claims Associates is the home organization of the ISG and one of the top insurance adjusting and legal services organizations in the world that specializes in jewelry-related claims and litigation. As a graduate of the ISG, you will become a part of the Global Claims Associates.

support2Introduction to the Insurance Industry

The ISG offers a special program to help our Graduates start their professional careers. This program starts with a formal letter of introduction from the Global Claims Associates office to insurance agents and adjusters in your area. It is followed up by a press release to your local news organization to introduce your services to your community. This is part of our ISG Graduate support programs that are available to our students.


Introduction to Law Firms in your area

Our many years of working in jewelry-related litigation with law firms in the US and Europe gives us a unique perspective on how to help you get going with your professional career working with law firms. Jewelry-related litigation and legal assistance is an ongoing need for law firms. Only ISG graduates can offer the high level of expertise required to meet the requirements of litigants of all levels. This is an important role of our ISG Graduate Support Program.


Expert Witness Training and Support

Through our Global Claims Associates expertise, the ISG has many decades of experience working with major law firms to provide expert witness services. Being an expert witness entails far more than most gemologists realize. With many years as expert witnesses, we can bring our knowledge and experience to our graduates. This is a crucial revenue stream for you to bring to your business and the ISG is uniquely qualified to get you prepared. This is an important part of our commitment to your success. 

support4Advanced Lab Support

At the ISG we realize that most gemologists and jewelry appraisers do not have the resources for the equipment and expertise to offer advanced gemological testing for your clients. Paying the major labs for services is costly in both time and money. For this reason, the ISG maintains a fully equipped advanced gemological laboratory that is at your service. From Raman Spectroscopy to UV-VIS-NIR and beyond, an ISG RGA or RG is backed by the ISG Gem Lab to assist you with your success by offering the most advanced gemologist support of any other appraiser in your area.

support1Continuing Education

We believe that jewelry appraisers and gemologists should follow the same professional guidelines for maintaining credentials as the licensed insurance agents, adjusters, and legal professionals we work with. As a result we provide our graduates with a 2 year recertification course that helps ensure you that you are keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. This also assures our insurance and legal customers that our graduates offer the very finest in professional quality in the industry.

These programs are intended for one purpose: to support our ISG Graduates with programs to help them become successful jewelry appraisers and gemologists. No organization anywhere in the world can offer this high level of professional expertise to support their graduates. This level of professional knowledge, experience, and expertise can only be found with your International School of Gemology.