Student and Graduate Testimonials

Robert James I fell in love with your school over three years ago. I called to ask a secretary a few questions and you ended up picking up. We chatted for close to an hour and I knew if I’d ever be able to do this, I’d do it at the International School of Gemology. You talked me off the ledge during my first practical and your praise of my work gave me the confidence I needed to finish. I will gladly take you up on your offer of continued support. Sorry to say, you’re stuck with me now.

Angela G. USA

Thank you for doing what you can to make gemology accessible for many to learn. I wish I had started with ISG instead of GIA! But I’m here now! Lol (could’ve saved me 20 grand for a better quality of education and continued graduate support)

Samantha R., USA

I thank you with all my heart. This course has been very informative with very wide and well made study materials with great expertise. Your guidance was always very helpful and you answered questions so friendly and patiently. I feel this study year has given me important new skills to use in my work, it’s been a great value to money I payed. I most certainly will recommend your school if I get the chance.

Sirpa K, Finland

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. The videos along with the study material gave the course an almost classroom like feeling. And the material was easy to understand,and always interesting. You make learning a fun experience, and your inner joy at teaching others comes shinning through. Looking forward to learning more! Thanks so much! Sincerely,

Roger Brown

I have been a gemstones collector for many years. I have never attended any School of Gemology; however my knowledge and skills have been obtained from reading the ISG Newsletters. So far I have not missed one over many years. At this time colored gems collection is my hobby and I have been enjoying it thoroughly. If some day when I decide to sell my gems, I will need your advise and support again. Thank you very much for always being there for an amateur like me.

Marie H.

Mr. James, I just wanted to thank you for providing the ISG Registered Gemologist course. I really enjoyed all of the courses and learned so much. I have always been interested in rocks and stones and completed this program to become a better consumer. I am a college instructor at a university in Florida and have actually used some of the information from your course work to hel[ describe the visual system to my students. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Nikola L, Florida

Dear Robert:

Thanks for all the wonderful lessons from ISG! I really enjoyed being a part of your Registered Gemologist Program. I have just passed my Registered Gemologist’s Exam and can’t wait to display my diploma in my jewelry store! I’ll be happy to refer anyone to your program. As a former GIA student, I truly feel that your program offers the best hands on, practical, day to day knowledge that is available including GIA. Good luck in the new office and continued success!

Bill Warren, Pres. North Carolina Jewelers Association

I just wanted to send this message to you since I just got your messages about passing the RGA exam. I want to thank you so very much for putting together a really excellent course structure and learning environment. You have been instrumental in providing me the ability to start a second career in my life from a passionate hobby I had for 20 years while I was working in my first career (IT and pharmaceutical compliance). I now can pursue this new career with all the passion I have had for gemstones and jewelry for much of my adult life.
Again, thank you so much for being there when needed and I do plan on remaining very much a part of the ISG family into the future.

Bonnie B.

Thank you so much for all you’ve taught me, and all you will teach me! I just changed careers and got a job with Sterling Jewelers! They were very excited that I was getting my RGA. That was one of the reasons for me getting this job, and I owe it all to you and the ISG! You truly have changed my life! thank you again.

Sincerely, Bridget F.

Bridget F.

I am a G.G. and F.G.G. I signed up for the I.S.G. in its infancy as a kind of a refresher because so many things had changed in the field of gemology since I got my degrees in the mid 80’s.

I was impressed with the quality and quantity of information available through the courses. Robert James, a graduate of both the Gemological Institute and British Gemmological Association, is constantly updating the material and refining the presentation. I would recommend the ISG for those who want a user friendly and reasonably priced study of gemology.
Barbra Voltaire FGG, GG
Gemology Online

Barbra Voltaire FGG, GG Gemology Online

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn at ISG. Gemstones are my passion, I am a artist who works with gemstones and precious metal. So when presented with the opportunity to learn from you about the thing I am most passionate about was really something I could not pass up on. I hope one day to make it to Texas to meet you along with seeing the new museum. Thank you once again for your flattering email and in fact I cried once I read it. I never felt so good about anything I have done in my life to date. I cared so much about succeeding at ISG and doing the best I could. I wish you all the best along with all your future endeavors.
Ciera N.

Ciera N.

I have only studied at the ISG, and the people I work with in Los Angeles are so impressed with what I bring to the table. These are all GIA grads, in the business for at least 20 years, and I’m teaching them things they were never taught! I’m working with them to get hands on experience…I never could have imagined sharing with them what I’ve learned at the ISG.
Tami…..ISG Student

Tami.....ISG Student

The I.S.G. has helped me in many ways to become successful in the jewelry industry. I love being able to look at a stone with my loop and being able to determine so much. Others often stand bewildered at the knowledge I can gain by simply taking a close look.

I remember being scared and overwhelmed by all the information you made available to me at the beginning of this process. Now looking back at the solid foundation you have created, and the understanding of being able to communicate “what I do not know”, and then being able to find out the truth, has truly set me apart from my peers.

The G.I.A. has helped from a scientific stand point, but the I.S.G. has put money in my pocket. At the end of the day gemology is a business, and you have given me the tools that I need to be successful.


Pete J.

Pete J.

I believe I that I have not thanked you for having this course. It was the best thing I have ever done. Your price is what people like me who did not know anything about gemology like to pay. And the course material is great just like the instructor. Now I know about gemology and the goldsmiths are hire me for identifications of gemstones. Today I was out at five new companies for introducing what I do; all of them want my services.This is great THANK YOU ROBERT!!

Best Regards Mattias, Sweden

Mattias, Sweden

I have my own business here in Boone, and recently went to work for a 112 year old AGS jewelry store. On my first day I was confronted with a color-change stone believed to be an Alexandrite. In reality it was a vanadium doped sapphire. And with the help of a little demonstration of the thermal inertia Presidum duo tester I was able to convince the customer. Thanks for your excellent preparation. I am taking my 20 stone (GIA)challenge in late May, but the most practical training I have under my belt… I received through the ISG courses. Thanks so very much for your excellent training.

Rocky S….ISG Student

Rocky S....ISG Student