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Welcome to the International School of Gemology Education Courses with online and in-person classroom learning opportunities. We are the world’s finest and fastest growing gemological education organization that offers world class  training in gemology, jewelry appraisal, and jewelry litigation expert witness at the world’s lowest tuition rate. We are the innovators in affordable, quality distance education in gemology and jewelry appraisal that is based on our certified insurance industry education delivery system. Courses have been rated the top in the world for quality, affordability and ease of learning. Choose from one of our quality education programs or individual courses or get more information about careers in gemology from the drop-down menu. Course tuition starts as low as $95.00. 

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The ISG has received “Best Online Gemology School” rating by two major jewelry organizations. Click the image to learn more.

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About the ISG
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Superior Program to the GIA

Our graduates report that our program is superior to the GIA Graduate Gemologist program on many levels. We offer courses the GIA does not offer, and provide you with a world-class education at a fraction of the cost of the GIA. We urge you to compare our programs and tuition costs.

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