Comparing the ISG to the GIA Education Program

Comparing the ISG to the GIA

If you are searching for online gemology courses or gemology school to study with there is no doubt that you have already reviewed the programs of the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA is the most famous of the gemological education organizations for one reason: money. In 2019 (the latest numbers available) the GIA had revenue of over $265,000,000.00 in tax free income. The GIA spends over $10 million of that tax free revenue on advertising and promotion. The result is an organization that can totally overwhelm every other education organization in the world for market awareness and advertising. But you should ask the question: Does big money make the GIA the best gemological education organization? The answer is no. There are many outstanding education opportunities that are missed simply due to not being able to compete with the GIA for promotional money spent. Therefore, it is important for you to overlook the big money advertising machine of the GIA and compare their actual education program with other schools to make your most informed decision. To that end, we invite you to read the following comparison of our ISG Registered Gemologist Appraiser program to the GIA program. Only then can you make an informed decision on where to place your trust in your future.

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When you compare the two programs, the choice is obvious. The excessive cost of the GIA program does not come with a high-quality program. The lack of formal jewelry appraisal training, the lack of advanced appraisal support courses and programs, and the overall lack of graduate support demonstrates that the lower cost ISG program is superior. We do not have the multi-million-dollar advertising budget, but we do have a superior program at a far lower cost. I invite you to choose one of the ISG program icons below to learn more about our Registered Gemologist Appraiser or Registered Gemologist Programs to start your new carrier or further your existing career in jewelry appraisal.