ISG In-Person Gemology Education Classroom Course Schedule

ISG In-Person Classroom Schedule


Welcome to the new ISG Classroom Schedule. Below, you will find information for each of the currently open classes with seats available. Click the icon at the left of the class listing to visit the main class page to learn more and register. Thank you for being a part of the ISG Classroom learning experience.

Gem Identification In-Person Class April 24 – 26, 2024

Gem Identification 101 is a classroom learning opportunity for beginner to intermediate-level gemologists with a full day of gem equipment instruction and then two days of hands-on gem identification practice. Join us for this special 3-day opportunity to get gem identification training from our new state-of-the-art gemology classroom.  Click the icon at left to learn more about this class.


Property Appraisal and Expert Witness May 22 – 24

The ISG Property Appraisal and Expert Witness Class will be a 3-day intensive study of appraising personal property items for various applications, including insurance replacement, probate, donation, bankruptcy, and more. This class will include in-depth instruction on how jewelry appraisers can benefit from the valuable revenue stream by becoming expert witnesses in jewelry-related litigation cases. Your instructor is a state-licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Adjuster specializing in high-value jewelry cases, with many years of experience in major-case expert witness work. Expert witness training will provide instruction based on actual litigation casework.

created gems class

Created and Treated Gemstones In-Person Class To Be Announced

Created and Treated Gemstones Class is three days of the most intensive and fun study of gemstones that owe their beauty to treatments or being lab-created. Created and Treated gemstones are an important part of our gemstone industry as they help make more of the gemstone mine production viable in the market and help meet consumer demand for lower-priced gemstone jewelry. Click the icon at left to learn more about this important education opportunity.

diamonds class

Diamond Grading In-Person Class To Be Announced

Diamond Grading is a 3-day class of evaluating and grading a variety of diamonds, including rough crystal to finished diamonds for jewelry. This important class will include a day of real-time instructor-led learning about evaluating rough-to-polished diamonds. Then, there will be two days of hands-on learning as you evaluate and grade diamonds for yourself from our inventory of pre-graded diamonds. It is an important learning opportunity for everyone working in a jewelry store or seeking to be employed by a jewelry company.