A white pearl necklace before a single background

ISG Pearls Course

This course is an online distance education in pearls that will provide the student with a complete overview of pearls, pearl formation, pearls markets, processing of pearls, pearl treatments, pearl identification, and pearl grading. The course is delivered via online via mobile friendly HTML5 and PDF course notes to download. This course is part of the Registered Gemologist Appraiser program and comes with the RGA package or can be studied as an Individual Course.

Course Number:ISG106
Included as Program Package: Registered Gemologist Appraiser
Offered as Individual Course: Yes. $295.00 Individual Course Registration Here.

Lessons: 9
Video Lectures: 24
Certificate of Completion: Yes

Subjects Covered in this Course:

  • History of Pearls

  • Terms and Definitions

  • Pearl Production

  • Pearl Structure

  • Pearl Grading

  • Pearl Markets

  • Pearl Imitations

  • Pearl Treatments

  • Pearl Grading Procedures

  • Final Exam