ISG 2024 Tour of Tucson

Celebrating 20 Years of the ISG Tour of the Tucson Gem Shows

Mark your calendars and don’t miss the 20th Annual ISG Tour of Tucson. The upcoming year promises to be one of the best ever. And, if you haven’t experienced the Tucson Gem Shows with the ISG you haven’t experienced the Tucson Gem Shows. We know where the rare and usual is to be found, and where the best deals are for colored gemstones, crystals, minerals, and so much more.

Here are the important points:

  • The ISG Tour of Tucson is open to all current and former ISG Students and Graduates, and those considering joining us in the ISG for the study of gemology and/or jewelry appraisal.
  • Tour group size is limited. First come – first served.
  • Show up with good walking shoes, money in your pocket, and a fun attitude.
  • You must be able to walk significant distances at a normal walking pace. We usually have a big group and cannot accommodate special needs.
  • We base and start the tours from the Holiday Inn on Grant Avenue in Tucson.
  • Joining us for the tour is a $100.00 registration fee. Fees go to paying for costs of the tour, and a free T-shirt and some other stuff in a goodie bag.
  • We do not provide any travel arrangements or assistance.
  • We do not provide transportation between the shows, but we usually have enough folks with cars to ride share. We have never left anyone behind.
  • If you are taking any kind of medication please be sure and bring it and take it. Particularly if its mood altering meds. There is a reason for this. Yeah, we had that happen.
  • No drugs or guns on the tour. Concealed carry permits are OK, but I need to be informed before we embark. We are strong 2nd Amendment supporters but if you are packing you must inform me in advance.

Please use the registration form below to reserve your space in the tour. We are limited in the number of folks we can have tour with us so this is first come – first served.