ISG Diamonds Course

This online video lecture course will provide the student with a complete education in diamonds including: diamond history, diamond formation, rough diamond study, diamond grading, and the diamond markets. Practical Diamond Grading is required after all program courses are completed. The Practical Diamond Grading is included with the RG or RGA programs at no additional cost.

Course Number: ISG101
Included as Program Package: Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser
Offered as Individual Course: Yes. $395.00 Individual Course Registration Here.

Video Lectures: 33
Certificate of Completion: Yes

Subjects Covered in this Course:

  • History of Diamonds
  • Diamond Markets
  • Diamond Formation
  • Classification of Diamonds
  • Diamond Properties
  • Critical Angle
  • Diamond Cut Grading
  • Cut Grading Practice
  • Diamond Color Grading
  • Color Grading Practice
  • Diamond Clarity Grading
  • Clarity Grading Practice
  • Diamond Treatments
  • Created Diamonds
  • Lab Reports
  • Diamond Imitations
  • Final Exam