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DateJan 7, 2023
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The ISG Certified Diamonds Professional Course is a professional education in diamonds and prepares the student for a successful career in diamond buying and selling anywhere in the world. This course builds on the basic fundamentals of diamond formation, history, and markets. It then takes the student through all steps in the grading and evaluation process. It finishes with an overview of diamond treatments, lab created diamonds, and diamond grading reports from the major grading labs. Practical exercises are not required or provided in this course. A free preview of this course is available below.

The course consists of 16 lessons with many high-quality images, videos, and demonstrations to help the student get the highest level of education as a Certified Diamond Professional.

Completion of this course awards the student the title of Certified Diamond Professional, and a Certificate of Completion and Badge are provided for printing upon completion of the course materials and examinations.

Course is available in multiple languages, please contact the ISG for any questions.

Please follow these steps to begin your path as a Certified Diamond Professional:

Individual Course Tuition: US$295.00

Certificate of Completion: Yes. You will be sent your Certified Diamond Professional Certificate and website badge via email in printable PDF within 5 days. Printed certificates available on request for U.S. students only.


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Section 1History of Diamonds
Section 2Diamond Markets
Section 3Diamond Formation
Section 4Classification of Diamonds
Section 5Diamond Properties
Section 6The Critical Angle
Section 7Diamond Cut Grading
Section 8Cut Grading Practice
Section 9Diamond Color Grading
Section 10Color Grading Practice
Section 11Diamond Clarity Grading
Section 12Clarity Grading Practice
Section 13Diamond Treatments
Section 14Lab Created Diamonds
Section 15Diamond Grading Reports
Section 16Diamond Imitations and Simulants
Lecture 16
Section Quiz
Final Quiz

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    1. Robert James FGA GG

      La moyenne est d’un mois. Il s’agit d’un cours de formation professionnelle et ne nécessite pas de pratique de classement des diamants.