ISG Colored Gemstones Course

The course includes 17 lessons that will take you through the entire process of gemstone formation including a video field trip to a topaz producing pegmatite dike. We will look at 60 of the most often seen colored gemstones and learn about their formation, properties and how to identify them in preparation for our Gemology Tools and Techniques course. Practical exercise where we send you gemstones to identify is included at the end of your RG or RGA program.


Course Number: ISG102
Program: Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser
Video Lectures: 29
Certificate of Completion: Yes
Individual Course: Yes. $495.00

Course Outline

  • Getting Started

  • Why Gemstones Have Color

  • Gemstone Properties 1

  • Gemstone Properties 2

  • Crystal Systems

  • Gemstones A – E

  • Gemstones F – M

  • Gemstones O – S

  • Gemstones T – Z

  • Isomorphous Replacement Series

  • Gemstone Phenomena 1

  • Gemstone Phenomena 2

  • Created and Treated Introduction

  • Diffusion

  • Gemstone Color Grading

  • Gemstone Cut Grading

  • Gemstone Clarity Grading

  • Final Exam

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